Messing With Photoshop

Most of artwork that I make is made not with pastels, charcol, or paint but on a computer. The digital pieces that do not use isometric dot paper are put into this gallery. I used a variety of programs to make these pieces. These program include but are not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator, and Paintshop Pro.

Bored in Math

College was a difficult trying experience filled with all-nighters, 10 of thousands pages of reading, and 100's of problem sets. Although the work was hard, it gave me the chance to work with revolutionary professors, tireless faculty, and the nicest custodial staff I have met to date. High school was none of that. It was easy and had more than its fair share imcompetent teachers. I can say without a doubt that 10th grade math teacher was the second worst teacher I have ever had. But every cloud has a silver lining. One day we were supposed to graph three dimensional lines on a picture of isometric dot paper. If that sound boring it is only because it is. I stole a couple extra pieces and decided to draw more than lines. This way when ever I was bored in math, I could find a way to migagate the pain.

Although not all these piece were made in that math class or in a math class, I still associate the pictures with that experience and so they all find there ay to this gallery.