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Bubble Art as Gift

Art as Gift is the concept that communitites can exchange goods for the sake of exchanging goods. A bit more nuanced than barting theory and a lot more liberating than praticed communism, Art as Gift is in action especially on the internet. People divulge knowlegde, creative ideas, and products for something other than money and gain. People in these art as gift communities are trying to improve the quality of goods because they value the exchange. Without this thinking, Reciepes wouldn't be posted on blogs, Wikipedia wouldn't be half the site it is, and GNU-Linux probably wouldn't exist.

Bubble Art as Gift is a small demonstration of this concept. College students were tempted with cookies. In exchange they had to take a picture and try to create art using food coloring soap and water and car stock. However they might have come seeking the monetary reward, the effort they put into their works was not a reflection of the number of cookies they ate but their will to make a good product.

Disorders of Magnitude

We live in a universe that is host to galaxies; large conglumerates which home moons upon planets upon stars. Yet there are microbes too small for our eyes to see. The only way we can begin to dreconsile these varying scales of size, mass, time is to use Orders of Maginutde.

Although a microbe might be 10-5 wide while the galaxy is 1018 can we really tell the difference between them with our 100 adjusted eyes? Is that billard or a planet? A block of cheese or the moon? How can trust our eyes to look at a picture of a Jupiter when we can't see the curvature of our own Earth? The answer, of course, is science, but a little bit of disorder is always a small magnitude of fun.